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Dillon Miller & Ahuja understands the need for proactive legal protection in corporate and business matters. From the onset, we guide our corporate clients through the steps necessary to reap the maximum benefits available through applicable federal and state law. We are amply qualified in all stages of business development and growth: from forming a corporate entity (such as a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation) through liquidation and dissolution.

Often times, information gathered from the Internet about forming and operating a company is inapplicable, extremely lacking, and grossly inaccurate. Failing to create the appropriate business entity, properly capitalize, and/or observe other corporate formalities is likely to cause unforeseen, severe harm to a company, its directors, officers, and shareholders. Our experienced attorneys provide insight into potential issues in all areas of corporate law and the best ways to manage them.

Dillon Miller & Ahuja provides an unparalleled ability to determine the best approach for each unique situation and desired objective. We negotiate, structure, and document simple and intricate agreements spanning the gamut of business and securities transactions, including operating agreements, shareholders’ agreements, asset or stock sales and purchases, licensing and leasing, employment and consulting, stock option issuance, joint ventures, preferred stock issuance, and mergers and acquisitions.

Our corporate clientele come from private and commercial sectors of communications, software, biotechnology, transportation, construction, import/export, food service, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, healthcare, recruiting, and Internet-based business. Regardless of whether we are advising a small, privately-held family business or a publicly-owned corporation, our corporate and business transaction services are incomparable, in skill and price.

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