Technology Law

Technology Law

Our firm counsels its Technology-based clients to help navigate the rapidly evolving federal and state laws related to doing business on the web. The combined effect of a lack of established legal principles, inconsistent case law interpretation, and the lag time between advances in technology and the promulgation of applicable statutes makes for many cases of first impression in this area. In addition, the web’s unique ability to instantaneously disseminate information on a global scale makes prompt and vigorous attorney representation in this area invaluable, and the absence of such representation potentially devastating.

Dillon Miller & Ahuja realizes the increasing significance of Technology in people’s personal and professional lives and works hard to keep up with and anticipate developments in Technology law. We provide our clients with careful and creative solutions aimed at maximizing the potential of their web-based practices and avoiding civil and criminal liability.

Our scope of Technology-related representation includes all forms of licensing, branding, domain name disputes, defamation and libel issues, copyright/trademark protection and infringement, content management, agreements, terms and conditions, and privacy matters. We also counsel our clients in compliance matters related to the CAN-SPAM Act and related legislation that continues to rapidly evolve how Technology is regulated.

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